When it comes to marijuana products, are you looking for something new? Or, alternatively, do you want to know what’s new and available, so that you can find something that’s best for you? One of the many reasons that folks walk into a dispensary is to talk to a budtender, talk to the staff, and find something that’s right for them. As ours is a delivery dispensary, we don’t exactly have that. What we do have, however, is a top-flight, experienced staff. They take the “Staff Picks” part of our website very seriously. Below are some recent picks, available here at Cannazon, the “recreational dispensary near me” that’s as “near you” as the palm of your hand. 

Pacific Glue 805 

Their slogan “keep it live in the 805” is more than something that rhymes, it’s a genuine statement of purpose. This particular strain can help you to feel energetic, yes, but just as many folks say this strain also helps them to feel calm, happy, and even relaxed. What all of those words add up to is, that when you smoke some 805, you’ll feel better, one way or another. There’s a reason this is one of the favorites at our site. 

Deals that Never Go Out of Style 

At Cannazon, we know that many folks order from our delivery service during a big event, so that they don’t have to leave their homes/the party to bring in some great marijuana products. To help make those great events even better, we always offer great sales deals. For example, by the time you read this, the Super Bowl, as well as Valentine’s Day, will have passed. That said, there are still some great deals up at our site. Our staff sat down, picked products that meshed well with each other, and then offered them at steep discounts. There’s always a great deal at Cannazon! 

Strawberry Chocolate Bar and Other Great Edibles 

Sometimes, however, you aren’t having a big event or a wild party. Maybe you’ve just had a long day and want to relax, want to indulge, with something that makes you feel better in a hurry. Those are just some of the reasons that one of our more popular products is our Strawberry White Chocolate Bar from Buddy’s Chocolate Haus. The strawberries were picked at the peak of ripeness and their flavor and freshness are preserved, but that’s far from all that you’ll get out of these chocolate bars. 

Recreational Dispensary Near Me

A “Recreational Dispensary Near Me” that Truly Is 

Those are just some of the picks from our staff. Our staff is always on the lookout for the best, for the newest, so that folks can find something that’s exactly right for them and their situation. You can find just about anything you’ll need here to feel more energetic, to feel calmer, to relax, and let the day slip away or all of the above. To place an order, head to our site now.

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