Cannabis drinks are part of the new trend of recreational marijuana consumption since legalization took effect. It is classified as edible, but it does bring a completely new experience for those who love the herb. 

Cannabis enthusiasts consider edibles to be the “healthier” consumption method because it’s not as intrusive to the respiratory system. But like everything in life, there are risks involved, especially when there is overconsumption or wrong dosing. And it’s important to know these risks, which is why we’re discussing them in this short article. 

How Are Cannabis Drinks Made? 

To have a better understanding of the potential risks of cannabis drinks, we must first look at how they are made. In a nutshell, it involves three main steps: CO2 extraction, short-path distillation, and emulsification. 

CO2 extraction is necessary for the infusion of cannabis into the drink. The liquid form of carbon dioxide is mixed in with the raw plant material and then placed under high heat and pressure. Upon the completion of this process, the end result is CO2 back in gas form along with concentrated weed extract. 

Short-path distillation happens when the concentrated extract is collected and turned into a refined extract. The final emulsification process then takes place where a blending agent is added to make the cannabis extract water-soluble. 

The Potential Risks of Cannabis Drinks

Now, let’s get to our main topic. Yes, there are risks to consuming cannabis drinks, but they definitely can be mitigated. 

Confusion with doses

It’s easier to gauge the possible strength of an alcoholic drink. From there, you’re able to set your personal limits and how many drinks of a specific kind you can consume in a given period.

This can be tricky with cannabis drinks, however. While the specific doses are clearly indicated on the packaging (usually in milligrams of THC), there has yet to be a way for people to have a clearer measurement and gauge. 

The dreaded edible high

The great Snoop Dogg, whose name is pretty much synonymous with the magic herb, veers away from edibles because “they have no off button.” Given the confusion of doses, it’s easier for people to overconsume and have that dreaded edible high. And based on most stories, they’re unpleasant, almost traumatic experiences. 

It can lead to an unhealthy habit

While there are proven therapeutic benefits to cannabis, taking too much can still lead to unfavorable consequences. And the added convenience of cannabis as a drink can easily become habit-forming. Having too much THC coursing through your system may not be life-and-death detrimental, but it’s not a good thing, either. 

Cannabis drink

Moderation Is Key With Cannabis Drinks

Knowing these potential risks allows you to consume cannabis drinks in a healthier manner. And we at Cannazon are here to remind you that moderation is key in this situation. You don’t necessarily have to take it out of your life, as long as you keep this in mind. 
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