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Are Cannabis Drinks Healthier Than Smokables?

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The legalization of recreational marijuana has led to its many different forms. In terms of edibles, cannabis drinks are a hit among many herb enthusiasts today. It’s a new form of consumption and it’s said to be a healthier, much less intrusive method compared to smoking. 

But how true is this, really? Should cannabis lovers drop the bong, joint, or even the vape pen and switch to infused sodas, instead? This article should provide an answer to these questions. 

The Complex Process of Creating Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Before we answer the main article question, it pays to know a little bit about the backstory of cannabis beverages. First, cannabinoids like THC and CBD are both fat solubles that do not dissolve in liquid. And while THC is soluble in alcohol, mixing in cannabis into this equation is illegal in the United States.

Over the past few years, some of the most brilliant minds in the industry then thought of breaking down cannabis oil into smaller particles, then mixed with an emulsifier to help the cannabis dissolve in water. 

From there, the concept of cannabis drinks was born, and it’s one of the many ways a lot of people prefer to have their marijuana these days. 

Drinking Cannabis vs. Smoking Cannabis

Technically, cannabis drinks are classified under edibles since the body processes all ingested forms of marijuana the same way. The THC in edible cannabis will first pass through the stomach and be processed by the liver before it enters the bloodstream and manifests throughout the entire body. 

This is what’s known as the first-pass effect, and it is the reason why edibles take about 45 minutes to an hour before it kicks in, unlike smokables, which you can feel in as short as thirty seconds. 

Edibles are also felt much longer. While the exact amount of time varies from person to person, many people feel the high from eating marijuana until 12 hours after ingestion. This is why even the most seasoned smokers will say no to edibles because they have “no off button.” 

Are Cannabis Drinks Healthier Than Smokables? 

Now, let’s get to our main topic here. Many would argue that cannabis drinks or edibles, in general, are the “safer” and “healthier” forms of marijuana, and there is an argument to be made. For one, eating cannabis isn’t as detrimental to the lungs as smoking is. And while it may not be as harmful as smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana can still cause some irritation to your respiratory system. 

However, there are some studies that say otherwise. One study pointed out in this report saw a connection between edible consumption and short-term psychiatric conditions as well as the increase in emergency room visits. It also pointed out that 18 percent of these psychiatric episodes involved people who consumed edibles, while only 11 percent were smokers. 

The bottom line: know your proper doses. Start low and slow before ramping up your consumption. 

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