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3 Hybrid Cannabis Strains That Will Lift Your Spirits

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In this day and age of legalization, there are at least hundreds of different cannabis strains in circulation. Each one has a perceived effect and is used for various purposes. 

Theoretically, indica strains are known for their ability to slow down, and even sedate a person. It’s usually recommended for those dealing with issues like anxiety or insomnia. 

Sativas, on the other hand, are known to bring the opposite effect. Those who enjoy these strains usually feel creative and uplifted after use. 

Then there are hybrids, which are known to offer the best of both the indica and sativa worlds. And for this article, we will focus on three hybrids that can lift your spirits up if you’re feeling down. 

What Exactly Are Hybrid Cannabis Strains?

In our intro, we gave a brief overview of what hybrid strains are all about. In this section, we’ll delve a little bit further. 

As we mentioned, these strains bear both indica and sativa features, but some hold more dominant traits than the others. The famous Blue Dream, for example, is sativa-dominant. However, it brings both cerebral stimulation and a full body high that will envelop your entire being. 

3 Hybrid Cannabis Strains That Will Lift Your Spirits

So let’s get to our main topic, shall we? Here are three hybrids that can make you feel better if you’re having a bad day. 

Blue Raspberry

Others call this strain simply “Blue Razz.” Whatever side of the fence you’re on in terms of the name, most of its users love it for its mood-boosting abilities. Others who prefer this strain also describe it as an “easy-going” bud, perfect for those dull, boring afternoons at work. 

Just a few tokes will bring a smile to your face as you take on the rest of your obligations for the day with ease. Medical cannabis users love it for its potential to kill pain and headaches. 

Flavorwise, Blue Raspberry will leave a sweet taste in your mouth with a few skunky undertones. 

Monkey Bread #1

When you combine the sweet, body-high-inducing Grease Monkey with the classic, indica-dominant Girls Scout Cookies, you get the Monkey Bread #1. As you may expect from its parent strains, this is also an indica-dominant variant. 

Now, many of you may not associate indicas with uplifting effects, but this earthy, chocolatey, and vanilla-flavored strain is known to kill stress, ease tension, and boost appetite. If you’re having a slump, this one should help pull you up to a much better disposition. 

Tropical Punch

Many herb enthusiasts would refer to this as “Tropic Punch.” Either way, most people who’ve tried this strain have reported feeling focused and energetic. Some even feel tingly after a few hits, which in terms of cannabis use, is a good thing. 

As you may get from its name, this one brings a tropical, citrusy and lemony flavor to the party. And that’s always a pleasant taste to experience. 

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